Lighting Apparatus

In 1875, an old fixed light apparatus removed from Tuticorin Lighthouse that worked for a period of 29 years from 1845 to 1874 there, was provided for Muttom Point lighting. That apparatus had three wick lamps facing towards sea with country made brass reflectors at their back. The light exhibited from a height of 32.3 meters above the sea level had a range of 22 kilometres in fine weather. The light was commissioned in September 1875.

The old fixed light apparatus removed from Tuticorin lighthouse was insufficient to mark this important point. So after several representations from Mariners, a first order optic was allotted to Muttom. Unfortunately the new light also was fixed and the existing tower was short in size to accommodate a large optic. Another tower had to be built to install the new lighting apparatus and it was commissioned on 1st January 1883. The light had a range of 37 Kilometres in clear weather.

The obsolete first order light with wick lamp had a life of 23 years only. A second order revolving apparatus with Petroleum vapour burner illuminant was procured from M/s Chance Brothers, England in 1909. The new brighter flashing light shown at a height of 43 meters above sea level was commissioned on 1st January of next year. The light was electrified using cluster of 3x150W Metal halide lamps on 30th November 1994.